Emmol CO by ROMAT is odourless and colourless emollient, that gives a velvety and silky feel to the skin. It helps products to glide smoothly over the skin, making them easier to apply and ensuring an even distribution of the formulation.
It is often used as a base oil in the production of a wide variety of cosmetics and skin care products.

A colourless emollient
with high spreadability

Acts as a texture

Provides superior slip and fast
absorbency, with non-greasy feel

Forms a protective and water repelling film, which maintains skin moisture levels


Lipsticks, Lip balm, BB cream, CC cream, Foundations, Lip & Eye Liners, Eye Shadow, Matte makeups, Stick formulations, Sunscreen, Emulsions, Serums, Hair conditioners and hair styling products, Mask and Wipes

Pack size:

4 & 25 -kgs