Romat: Enhancing Beauty Naturally- Discover beauty with exquisite products sourced from exotic herbs, fruits, and leaves.

At Romat, we are more than just a company; we unite natural beauty & personal care into excellent cosmetics, inspired from the genuine touch of mother earth. Our mission is simple yet profound: to use the wonder of exotic herbs, wild herbs, and exotic fruits to make products for enhancing the beauty naturally.

About Romat

Romat was born from a shared passion and a vision to revolutionize the cosmetic and personal care products. We are pioneers, trailblazers, and perfectionists in enhancing products widely used from people of all ages.
Our journey began with a group of individuals transitioning from successful professional careers to answer a crucial need in the market. We recognized that while numerous suppliers existed, only some upheld the standards of quality that we demanded.
Romat is driven by a commitment to excellence. With us, our clients get exceptional products ethically sourced from the various parts of India. We equally support the start-ups so that they are not left behind in this cut-throat market.
You may ask- what about make in India? We embrace the essence of Make in India, our production thrives entirely on home soil within the heart of our own facility. We source everything from the vibrant and naturally rich places. Thanks to our unwavering commitment and support from clients across the globe, we’re amongst the pioneers in selling Hydraoil also famously known as the water soluble oil in India.

Brand Story

Romat was founded by individuals who, despite successful careers, felt a burning desire for more. Recognizing a gap in the industry, we saw that many cosmetic companies struggled to find reliable suppliers who shared their dedication to quality.
With a commitment to bridging this gap, Romat was established – not just as a supplier but as a partner. Our founders, driven by their passion for quality and sustainability, embarked on a journey that led them to the heart of exotic herbs, wild herbs, and exotic fruits.

Why Choose Us

Quality Beyond Compare

In an industry saturated with options, Romat stands as a beacon of quality. We understand that clients may be tempted by flashy promises, but we believe in earning your trust through consistent, uncompromising quality.

Experience the difference that true excellence brings.

Personalized Customer Service

We are not here to just sell products; we are here to offer guidance. Our team is dedicated to helping you choose the right solutions for your specific needs. We engage in consultations that empower you to make informed decisions, ensuring you receive exactly what you require.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you're a start-up or an established enterprise, Romat crafts custom blends that align with your goals. Your success is our success, and we're committed to providing ingredients that elevate your formulations and products.

Transparent Partnership

At Romat, we believe in meaningful connections. We engage in one-on-one interactions to understand your needs fully. No more guesswork; just transparent, authentic collaboration that leads to outstanding results.